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Assessment and Grading

How is the IB Diploma Assessed?

One of the advantages of the IB Diploma is that students are assessed when they are ready, or at least have been given the opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in each subject. Major assessment does not occur until the second year (unless the subject is anticipated).

Most subjects have around 20-25% of their overall assessment internally assessed (but moderated externally) and 75-80% externally assessed.

How is the IB Diploma Graded?                    no eyes

Using all the assessment data, each of the six subjects is awarded a grade out of 7. This gives an initial possible maximum score of 42 points. A further three bonus points can be awarded based on success in Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay. Consequently a student can gain a maximum grade of 45 while the minimum pass mark is 24 points. A student completing an IB Diploma subject is given a qualification regardless of whether they pass the Diploma.

Assessment is criterion-related, which means student performance is measured against pre-specified assessment criteria based on the aims and objectives of each subject curriculum, rather than the performance of other students taking the same examinations.

It is worth noting that each year Australia has the highest percentage of students achieving the maximum marks out of 135+ countries in which the IB Diploma is taught.

The 2014 International Baccalaureate Combined Rank and Notional ATAR table provides a summary of Australian Tertiary Entrance comparison scores using IBDiploma results.

Further information on IB Diploma assessment is available on the IB website.


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