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IB Curriculum Core

The three compulsory elements, central to the IB, are Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) and the Extended Essay.

Theory of Knowledge

In this course, students will dig deeper into the foundations of knowledge, comparing and contrasting the various ways of knowing (scientific, mathematical, linguistic and humanitarian, artistic, ethical). Students will be challenged to think about their thinking and to learn about their learning.

Creativity, Action, Service

Student participation outside the classroom is the focus of this element of the IB. It draws together the three broad areas of co-curricular activity. Within its parameters, students will have considerable freedom to choose their own pursuits. Students keep records of their participation and reflect upon what they have learned.

Extended Essay

The Extended Essay is an individual research project into a topic of special interest to the student, done over a considerable period of time. The topic is chosen by the student from within one of the subject areas being studied for the IB. A member of staff will supervise the project and offer advice.

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