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How is the IB Diploma Graded?

“The IB Diploma is an investment that cannot be reflected in just a university entrance score”

A student completing the IB Diploma will study six subjects. The student’s performance in each subject through its Internal and External assessments is awarded a grade out of 7. However, students also complete a critical thinking course called Theory of Knowledge and a piece of independent research called the Extended Essay at some stage of their course. Their success in these two subjects can gain up to 3 bonus points. Consequently a student can gain a maximum grade of 45 points while the minimum pass mark of the IB Diploma is 24 points. A student completing an IB Diploma subject is given a qualification regardless of whether they pass the Diploma.

It is worth noting that each year Australia has the highest percentage of students achieving the maximum marks out of the 135+ countries in which the IB Diploma is taught.

For more information contact the IB DP Coordinator Andrew Gibson.

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