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Understanding the IB Diploma Exams

How do we prepare the students for the exams?
Teachers are provided with Teacher Support Materials which provide sample exam papers and student samples. The IB Coordinator’s Diploma office purchases all the exam papers sat by students in the two examination sessions each year (November and May) along with examiner’s mark schemes and subject reports. These are used for practice exam sessions. Teachers attend IB endorsed Professional Development workshops where they are professionally developed by internationally recognized and trained IB workshop leaders. These sessions include sharing teacher ideas and resources as well as a strong focus on preparing students for the assessments and their assessment. Teachers are encouraged to participate in the forums of the IB’s Online Curriculum Centre (OCC) where teachers from all over the world share teaching ideas and ask for support from their colleagues.

Sample exam papers
The IB has made the following exam papers available – they are worth having a look (and having a go?)

Group 1 – language A1
English Higher Level: paper 2
French Higher Level: paper 2
Spanish Higher Level: paper 2

Group 2 – second language
English Standard Level A2: paper 2
French Standard Level A2: paper 2
Spanish Standard Level A2: paper 2

Group 3 – individuals and societies
History Higher Level/Standard Level: paper 2

Group 4 – experimental sciences
Chemistry Higher Level: paper 3

Group 5 – mathematics and computer science
Maths Standard Level: paper 2

Re-marking and feedback
After the results have been issued, schools can request re-marks for particular students if they feel the result is undeserved. Schools can also receive a range of different types of feedback on their students’ performance.

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