The Friends' School

Co-curricular Clubs and Leadership

In Morris we endeavor to develop a sense of belonging amongst our students by providing opportunities to be part of a lunchtime or after school club. The following clubs are an example of what we offer at Morris:

Triple M Group
Student representatives from each year level meet regularly to discuss ideas and proposals to enrich life at Morris.

Service Club
This club promotes stewardship and contributes to whole school service events

Guitar Club
A parent volunteer teaches classical guitar in a fun and inclusive environment.

International Mindedness Club
This club encourages and explores intercultural awareness through games, food, skyping children in other countries and organising cultural days.

Chess Club
A trained teacher tutors an enthusiastic group of students to develop skills and strategies for game play. These students have opportunities to compete at a local, state and national level.

Rubbish Action Group (RAG)
Inspired by National Schools Clean-up Day, this group meets to find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle waste at Morris.

Year 6 Leadership Program
The Year 6 Leadership program expects all Year 6 students to be leaders and role models for younger students. The students aim to develop skills in the following areas: commitment, punctuality, cooperation, decision-making, confidence, initiative, communication and respect.

Below is a list of leadership roles they can select from:

  • Kinder Carers
  • Grounds leaders
  • Wells Chess leaders
  • Japanese leaders
  • Tech Angles
  • Games leaders
  • International Mindedness leaders
  • Early Years leaders
  • Art club leaders
  • Green thumbs
  • Canteen leaders
  • Assembly leaders
  • Guides for visitors
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