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For Students Years 7 to 10

  • Formal uniform is worn every day with black leather lace up school shoes. For reasons of safety Mary-Jane style shoes are not permitted as coverage of the top of the foot is required in certain learning environments, for example science labs, workshops and kitchens.
  • Students change into sports uniform for PE lessons and back into formal uniform afterwards. Good quality, supportive sports shoes are to be worn with the sports uniform.

For detailed information on the range of compulsory items required and optional items available, please consult the Uniform Price List

The staff at The Friends’ School Shop are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding uniform requirements.

Books and Stationery

Booklists are created in collaboration with faculty staff to ensure that relevant products that best support the course of study are selected.   Particular consideration is given to higher value items such as text books and senior graphics calculators that can often be handed down from elder siblings. There are times when text books are suited to more than a single year of study and where this occurs there are notations on the booklist indicating that the title should be retained from a previous year. In the case of senior calculators, deferring the purchase until mid year allows Year 10 students to have made pathway choices before the purchase of a high value item.

We encourage families to take advantage of the early ordering detailed below in order to be prepared for the start of the school year.  The School Shop is able to sell replacement stationery items and books during the year if required but operate for uniform sales only during the busy back to school period.

The school has partnered with Lamont Books who can provide the items as listed via their online ordering system which is open from 1 November 2018. Orders are packaged and delivered direct to families and a discounted postage and packaging rate is offered for all orders placed by Wednesday 12 December 2018. Orders placed from Thursday 13 December 2018 onwards will be subject to Lamont’s standard postage and handling rates.

Some items on the booklists are specific to Friends’ and will not be available at general retail outlets.  Those items are only available via Lamont during the back to school period.

Some items are listed as supplied in class and charged to account.  This method is used where it is desirable to defer the purchase of an item until it is going to be utilised in class, or where the title is not able to be confirmed prior to the publication of the booklist.  This process is managed during the year by the School Shop and the cost for those items are charged to the family fees account.

Through our partnership with Lamont, Friends’ families are being offered an extended returns period.  We suggest that you refrain from naming or covering text books until after the school year commences.  Should there be a late change of subject choice, or if you have inadvertently purchased the wrong book then a refund or exchange will be available up to 28 February 2019 so long as the item is in brand new condition and proof of purchase is provided.  Returns will be accepted in accordance with these conditions and timeframe at The Friends’ School Shop during normal opening hours.

As you work through the booklist and make decisions about what to purchase, please consider the following points:

  • It is important that students are equipped with all of the items listed for the subjects they are undertaking.
  • Do you have any items from previous years that can re-used?
    Check text books from older siblings as they may be able to be passed on to younger siblings.  Check the ISBN number on the book against the booklist to ensure the text book is the correct edition.
  • ISBN numbers are unique and are also used as the barcode number.  Check the barcode on the rear of the book, if it has been obscured by book covering the ISBN number can also be located in the first few pages of the book where the publisher information is listed.

For Year 7 Students
  • In Year 7 all students study the same subjects and require all items listed for all subjects on the booklist.
  • Students require all the items listed under General Requirements, these items are used across multiple subjects.

For Year 8 – 10 Students
  • Students in Year 8 to 10 study a combination of core and elective subjects.
  • All students require the text books and stationery as specified for their core subjects.
  • The booklist includes each of the elective subjects offered across the year group.
  • Students in the year group will be enrolled in some but not all of these elective subjects.  You will need to identify the core and elective subjects in the booklist that apply to the individual student.
  • All students require all the items listed under General Requirements, these items are used across multiple subjects.

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