Campus Redevelopment Phase One

Our School community is the sum of its ethos, pastoral care, people, curriculum, co-curricular, teaching and place.  An important and necessary focus for our school community is transforming our place; the School’s built environment. We must do this so we can continue to offer a global, values-based education in an environment that best prepares students for the complexities of the world into which they will graduate.

This project is part of the School’s Strategic Priority regarding its physical and organisational structures

“We will ensure that the physical and organisational structures of the School are developed to transform and promote learning and wellbeing.”


In 2016 a Master Plan was completed in consultation with Architects, various consultants and school staff.  The design team developed a masterplan identifying works across both campuses that addressed the desire to transform learning spaces and contribute towards creating friendly, safe, and accessible environments that nurture the School’s culture and values.


In summary, the masterplan proposes that in order to satisfy the primary requirement for additional teaching space the priority for the School over the next 2-5 years should be the development of the new gym, the redevelopment of the WN Oats Centre and consolidation of spaces within the heritage buildings. The Campus Redevelopment Phase One of the masterplan addresses the immediate needs and challenges we face on the Commercial Road Campus.

The Challenge

Our High School enrolments are strong, access at times can be challenging and teaching spaces have changed over the last 30 years.  There is a desire and need to transform more teaching and learning spaces that embrace flexibility or support the opportunity to learn collaboratively, both with other students or across subject areas.

Built on a sloping hillside the High School Campus encompasses 11 levels from the bottom green all the way to Friends’ Health & Fitness. We need to assist and improve access in our High School.

Sports Centre

A new Sports Centre will be built on the existing ‘top’ Carr Street tennis courts to replace the existing WN Oats Gym.  Adjacent to Friends Health and Fitness, this well-resourced Sports Centre will support and promote the School’s enduring commitment to health and wellbeing. This facility will be a vital investment in our students’ long-term mental, physical and emotional health. Our new Sports Hall will bring together students, families, staff, alumni and volunteers alike – building and strengthening our community.

To replace the ‘top’ tennis courts, the ‘bottom’ tennis courts will be resurfaced and brought up to competition level.

Meeting the Challenge

To support our ongoing commitment to educational outcomes we must undertake a major renewal of our teaching and learning facilities so that they are fit-for-purpose and foster world-best pedagogical practices. Our facilities must be well designed, enable flexible learning delivery and provide staff and students with better campus connectivity and an optimal learning environment to activate learning.

WN Oats Learning Centre

The existing WN Oats Sports Hall will be transformed into the new WN Oats Learning Centre for Years 7-10, addressing capacity and access issues and fostering best practice teaching and learning for our students. 

With nine new classrooms, these spaces will allow for flexible learning engagements, extending and challenging students. Positioning this new Learning Centre at the heart of our High School campus will enhance connectivity and flow between students and subject areas, and be a focal point within the campus. With lift access from the High School Main Carpark up into the new Learning Centre and then again up through North Block we can address the majority of our access challenges.

How you can Help

The School is in a sound financial position, but this project will only be possible with strong financial support from the Friends’ community. In addition to the School committing savings and borrowings, we are seeking philanthropy from our community to co-fund this significant transformation project.  By working and giving together we can ensure that our students have the best possible facilities and programs for their all-round development, learning and enrichment. 

It is up to each of us to ensure Friends’ continues to stand apart as a leader in values-based and progressive co-education. There is no greater tradition than that of giving every student the opportunity to use their intellect and creativity to make a difference in our world. This is a chance to ‘pay it forward’ and invest in the current and future school community.  If you would like to know more about how you can support this project, please contact Bill Avery or Lucy Loney.

Bill Avery
Director of Community Engagement – 61 3 6238 2301 or

Lucy Loney
Development Manager – 61 3 6210 2203 or 

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