The Friends' School

William Cooper Scholarship

The William Cooper Scholarship was named for William Livingstone Cooper on his retirement as Board of Governors January 1938Chairman of the School Board in 1948, and was first awarded in that year. The William Cooper Scholarship (Merit) is awarded each year to a Year 7 student.

William Livingstone Cooper (1892-1978) was the son of William Carlyle Cooper.

Born in Sydney, Will, as he was usually known, was educated at Sydney Church of England Grammar School, North Sydney. He went on to study accountancy and secretaryship before serving in the Friends’ Ambulance Unit during World War One.

With the opening of Cadbury’s factory at Claremont in 1922, Will Cooper moved to Hobart to join the clerical staff at Cadbury, where he worked until his retirement in 1958. In 1924 Will married Dorothy and their two daughters, Patricia and Helen, attended The Friends’ School between 1933 and 1947. Will Cooper became a member of The Friends’ School Board in 1924.

Image shows The Friends’ School Board of Governors, January 1938
Back (left to right): Ernest Unwin, Frank Wells, H.F. Jones,
Joseph B. Howie, Will Cooper, Harry Vaughan

Front: Ida Mather, William C. Cooper, Frederick Coleman

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