The Friends' School

Keith Ashby Scholarship

The Keith Ashby Scholarship (Merit) is awarded each year to a Year 7 student.Keith Ashby

Keith Ashby had a long association with The Friends’ School. He was born in Adelaide in 1896 to a long line of Quaker families that were prominent during the early days of the Society of Friends in Australia, and his father Edwin Ashby was a member of the first Australian Board of Management of The Friends’ School.

In 1921 Keith Ashby married Edith Mary Walker, a Friends’ Old Scholar from Victoria, and their children Hazel, Enid, Eric and Beth all attended The Friends’ School between 1939 and 1950. In 1952 Keith Ashby was appointed as a mainland member of the Board of Governors of The Friends’ School, an appointment that he held for the rest of his life.

Following the death of Edith in 1953 he married Hannah Savage, a Friends’ old scholar from New South Wales. In South Australia Keith Ashby worked as an apple and pear orchardist, and a naturalist and botanist with expert knowledge of native trees and plants.

The Keith Ashby Scholarship was first awarded in 1983.

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