The Friends' School


Friends’ recognises that some families may wish their children to be cared for in a homestay environment.

Families in our School community have the opportunity to support our local and international students living away from their families through participation in the School’s Homestay Program. In seeking homestay families, the School and host family share the responsibility of not only meeting a student’s basic living needs, but also ensuring there is parent-like supervision and the student feels welcome through a warm, supportive and inclusive homestay environment involving all family members.

Based on the experiences of families currently involved in the homestay program, we believe that homestay is both special and mutually beneficial to the student and host family, providing new learning and social experiences, possible reciprocal exchanges and global friendships that last longer than the homestay itself. In turn, students learn to live harmoniously with another family, respect personal differences and develop trustworthy and responsible independence and social maturity.

If you would like to consider being a homestay family or learn more about the homestay program for your child, please contact our Enrolment Office on 6210 2286 or


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