The Friends' School

Student Care

The Pastoral Care System

In the Senior School, Years 7-12 are divided into Tutor Groups of about sixteen students, each with a Tutor responsible for the pastoral care of his or her Group.

It is the Tutor’s task to watch over the academic and social development of the Group, and to take the necessary corrective action if and when problems arise in any of these fields. Heads of Schools are appointed to oversee the welfare and needs of the students and the efforts of the Tutors.

Tutors have the important responsibility of ensuring that Parents/Guardians are always informed about any matters that have affected their son or daughter at school, and conversely, they also act as the focus of enquiries from Parents/Guardians about the welfare and progress of their children.

Pastoral Care Specific to International Students

The Friends’ School has a senior staff committee which oversees the pastoral care of International Students. This committee assists with organising suitable on-campus or homestay accommodation, retains contact with each student, both directly and through their Tutor, throughout their time at the School, and provides a line of communication for parents who wish to discuss their child’s progress. The members of the committee also maintain contact with the student’s homestay family, if applicable, to provide assistance with any concerns which may arise from time to time.

Vocational Guidance

In Years 9 and 10 students are involved in a careers program. Year 10 students have the opportunity to participate in work experience placements in Tasmanian businesses.

In Years 11 and 12, students participate in a careers expo and longer work experience placements can be arranged during School vacations.

Accommodation Arrangements

Residential accommodation is arranged through the School’s Enrolment Office. The School offers a choice of on-campus or homestay places depending on the needs of the individual student. The Enrolment Office will consider such factors as the age, gender, country of origin and language skills of the student when offering homestay placements.

The senior staff committee that oversees the pastoral care of International Students monitors the arrangements made between students and homestay families and retains contact with all parties throughout the student’s enrolment at the School.


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