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Frances Parsons Bursary

The Frances Parsons Bursary was created following receipt of a bequest from Frances Parsons’ estate in 2015. It is awarded to a Friends’ School student from Years 7 to 12 from a rural area.

The Frances Parsons Bursary will provide for up to 50 per cent of boarding costs and enable the student to live on-campus at Walker House for the tenure of their enrolment. Friends’ School bursaries are based on financial need and assistance varies depending on individual family circumstances. 

Frances Ada Parsons (1933–2014) was from the North West Coast of Tasmania. She attended primary school in Ulverstone, Methodist Ladies College in Launceston and the University of Tasmania, where she majored in English and History. After completing a Diploma of Education in 1955 she taught English and History in Tasmanian State High Schools, at Methodist Ladies’ College in Kew and also at grammar schools in England.

Between 1963 and 1970 Frances was the Principal of Jane Franklin Hall, an all-female residential college of the University of Tasmania. She also taught at St Michael’s Collegiate School in Hobart, and was Principal of the Presbyterian Ladies College in Armidale for 10 years. Frances had a passion for the education of women, particularly from rural areas.

Frances became a Quaker by convincement and was an active member of the Hobart Meeting of the Society of Friends, where she served three years as Clerk and as a member of Quaker Service Australia. She was a member of The Friends’ School Board for seven years and also volunteered in The Friends’ School Archive. 

The Frances Parsons Bursary will be awarded from 2018.

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