Back to School 2020

With changes occurring from year to year, it is important for all families to familiarise themselves with the following Back to School information to ensure students are equipped for the coming school year.  In addition to the general information below, please click through the links to each section of the school that applies to your family so that you do not miss any important dates or information. 

Shop Hours

The School Shop opens on an extended schedule at the end of Term 4 to enable families to lodge second-hand uniform items for sale, to purchase new and second-hand uniform and to provide advice on booklist purchasing arrangements.

During the latter half of January, the Shop also operates on extended trading hours, including some late evenings and Saturday mornings to enable families to purchase uniform.

Please refer to the shop page for dates and times.


Uniform is compulsory for all students in Kindergarten to Year 12, although requirements and options differ across year groups and activities.

The School Shop is the only authorised retailer of uniform garments and it stocks the full range of uniform items with the exception of shoes.

The Uniform Handbook and Price List sets out the uniform requirements for each section of the School and also includes information on pricing and Shop opening times.  Many families find it useful to print a copy of the Uniform Handbook and Price List and bring it with them to their uniform fitting so that they have a handy reference and somewhere to make notes if needed.

Every student is different and size and fit of garments do vary throughout the range. Therefore, it is important for students to attend the Shop for an initial fitting. Appointments for uniform fittings are available across a range of dates and times and it is highly recommended that families with students who are new to the school take advantage of the appointment system. Appointments are also beneficial for existing families who have a student moving into Year 5 who will need to select their formal uniform.

Second-hand garments are also available for purchase but availability does vary throughout the year. The Shop accepts second-hand garments from parents year-round subject to the terms and conditions detailed on the second-hand lodgement form.  Lodgement forms can be downloaded from the Shop section of the school website or a copy collected from the Shop.

Book 30-minute appointment
Book 60-minute appointment

Selling Second-Hand Uniform

As a service to the school community, the School Shop accepts second-hand uniform items, school bags and some sporting equipment for re-sale in accordance with the terms and conditions stated on the lodgement form. All second-hand items sold via the School Shop directly benefit the Parents and Friends Association, with a portion of the commission fee being donated to the P&F.  Term 4 presents an excellent time to lodge second-hand garments for sale as they can be processed and put on display ready for purchase during the back to school period.  Due to workflow constraints, any items lodged in January will not be processed until after the commencement of Term 1.

Books & Stationery

The School has partnered with Lamont Books to provide stationery and textbook sales to students in Years 7 to 12 through their online ordering system with delivery directly to families.

We have negotiated a range of benefits for families which include discounted postage and handling rates for early ordering by 11 December 2019 and an extended return and exchange period.  Please click through to the High School and Clemes link to see full details and booklists.

Students in Kindergarten to Year 6 are supplied with most materials, books, stationery, writing and drawing equipment in their classrooms.

For detailed uniform, books and stationery information for each school section, please visit these links:

Morris – Friends’ Primary Years (Kindergarten – Year 6)
Secondary – High School (years 7 – 10) & Clemes (Years 11 & 12)