The Australian Government requires that all Australian schools develop a School Improvement Plan from 2017.

Data that informed The Friends’ School Improvement Plan were gathered from a wide range of sources, including the Council of International Schools Survey (In text link: ), National School Improvement Tool, Friends’ School staff Annual Reflection and Planning processes, and contributions from all staff to a list of Strengths and Wishes for the School.

The dominant themes from those sources informed this Plan, and provided a clear guide to establishing priorities and goals.

Aims for the School Improvement Plan

Shared Responsibility for Leadership

  • The School environment supports staff professional growth and wellbeing.
  • Improved communication and relationships between campuses, among and across disciplines

Exemplary Teaching

  • Strive to meet the learning needs of all students
  • School-wide structures to support the implementation of best pedagogical practice

Accountable to our Purpose and Concerns

  • Be accountable to the specified values and student outcomes
  • Ensure School culture reflects Quaker practice
  • Ensure long-term sustainable engagement with external relations

Engaging Learning

  • Students self-manage through the learning process
  • Enhanced student wellbeing through shared responsibility for pastoral care and learning

Each year the School will identify a majority priority from the School Improvement Plan. This year, the selected priority is ‘Enhanced student wellbeing through shared responsibility for pastoral care and learning’.

Action plans to assess progress will include identified evidence of success and methods of gathering feedback from staff, students and the wider community.