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Volunteers make a vital contribution to the Friends’ Community. The following suggestions are for those who would like to forge a closer relationship with the School and help us to achieve a more effective and vibrant school environment.Joan Pease High Tea

  • Working with Vulnerable People (Children) Registration

The Tasmanian State Government has introduced mandatory Registration to Work with Vulnerable People (RWVP) for everyone over the age of 16 who wishes to work or volunteer with children.

The School asks all volunteers who engage with the School to complete the RWVP. The School will reimburse the cost for its volunteers.

For those who have yet to receive their registration, there must be a teacher of another person with a RWVP present while you are volunteering.

People who may not required be to have RWVP might include parents and community members who volunteer on a one-off basis, such as running a stall at the fair or a parent who steps in to coach a team when the regular coach is away. Please consult with your Friends’ School contact if you are unsure of your requirement to hold the RWVP.

In cases where overnight stays are required, such as a co-curricular team travelling interstate to compete, all involved volunteers are required to have RWVP.

The fee of $18.60 for volunteers will be refunded by the School. Please complete this reimbursement form and either email it together with a copy of your receipt or hand both to the Main Reception on the Commercial Road campus.

Once you have completed your RWVP, please use this form to provide your registration details to the School.

  • Involvement in the Parents & Friends AssociationIMG_0064

The Parents & Friends Association coordinates the School Fair and regularly fundraises for specific areas of beneficial change in the School.

For more information, contact Bill Avery by email or attend one of our meetings held four times a year in the Green Room of The Farrall Centre at 7.00pm.

  • Archives

Help collate and organise our expansive range of unique art, books or uniform collections or assist with researching specific strands of history. Training is provided, we just need your time. Contact the Archivist Melinda Clarke on 6210 2258 or email

  • Get involved in sport

Work as a coach (some skill needed) or team manager (enthusiasm needed!) or offer your assistance at School sporting carnivals. Talk to John White, our Head of Secondary Sport telephone 6210 2453 or email


  • Canteen help

We always need parent/grandparent help in our canteens. If you would like to volunteer some time please contact the Development Office on 6210 2282.

  • Reunions 

Old Scholar assistance with reunions of your year group is very welcome. Contact the Development Office on 6210 2282.

  • Work as a mentor 

Spend time with individual students according to your skills and their needs. Contact the High School on 6210 223.

  • LibrariesLibrary

Spend some time in one of our three libraries – phone Sharon Molnar in Morris, Katie Stanley in High School or Stacey Pryer in Clemes on 6210 2200.

  • Friendsmusic 

Join Friendsmusic and support the School’s musical activities. Contact our Music Administrator Cheryl Bain on 6210 2200 or email

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