The Friends' School

School Merchandise

Friends’ Merchandise

The Development Office sells a range of school memorabilia including books, brooches, coasters, ties, umbrellas, mugs, aprons bags, lanyards and more. If you would like to purchase items please phone the Development Office (03) 6210 2282 or call in and see us!

School Gifts For Sale
Rose and Waratah Brooch $25.00                                                           IMG_0002
Rose and Waratah Coasters $20.00
Rose and Waratah Bowl (pewter) $50.00
Old Scholars and Rowing Ties $15.00
Umbrellas $27.00
Mugs $5.00
Lanyards $3.00
Monogrammed Aprons $20.00
Calico Bag $3.00


The Friends’ School
Nurture of the Human Spirit $15.00
Rose and Waratah $15.00
Friendly Years $ 5.00
Survival in Their Own Land $17.15
75 Years $5.00
Clemes $12.00
In the Spirit of Family $20.00
Quakers in Tasmania $20.00

W N Oats
Dilemma $15.00
Headmaster By Chance $15.00
Values Education $12.00
I Could Cry For These People $15.00

Up to 500g $5.00
500g + $8.00


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