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The School’s new Master Plan will be launched within the next few months. The Master Plan architect team led by Old Scholar Tim Hurburgh (H2o) with Sophie Bence and Shamus Mulcahy (Bence Mulcahy) met recently for the third time with the School’s Master Plan Working Group.

At the end of last year, the architects held meetings with all areas of the School. The meetings provided in-depth information about the requirements for creating best practice learning spaces across the School.

In response to those consultations, the architects posed a number of questions to the School’s Board of Governors, to help inform their planning. These questions related to the Board’s long-range priority: “…to focus on the integration of the K-12 program”, and reflected some ideas that had been offered regarding the Argyle Street campus.

Currently, the School’s Argyle Street campus is very full and busy, with more students and more vehicle traffic than is experienced at the Commercial Road campus. Friends’ Early Years, Morris – Friends’ Primary Years and Clemes are all located on this campus. Some ideas were shared about better organising these spaces on the campus and potentially building a new multi-level space.

The architects also suggested that the Commercial Road campus could be organised into ‘faculty precincts’, with General Learning Areas consolidated into one area.

Following discussion at the meeting, the architects will now continue to:

  • refine the Master Plan
  • complete a traffic analysis
  • refine plans to improve access
  • prepare a cost analysis
  • consult with Hobart City Council Planning & heritage
  • and then, produce a draft Master Plan to share with the Friends’ community.
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