The Friends' School

Annual Giving 2015

Circle of friends1

By donating to the 2015 Circle of Friends you will be helping us achieve the following outcomes:

       Building Fund: Donations will be cultivated to support the recommendations of a review to be undertaken of the School’s current configuration and to identify new plans to cater for our growing student population. Scheduled to commence in October 2015.

Click here to donate to the Building Fund

       Library Fund: Supporting the libraries on each campus to expand their resource base, enhance their digital capabilities, and enable students to access more books online.

Click here to donate to the Library Fund

       Scholarship and Bursaries Fund: Offering a Friends’ education to more passionate and talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds, and enabling us to celebrate the achievements of more Friends’ student’s at every year level.

Click here to donate to the Scholarships and Bursaries Fund

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