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Our Old Scholar network is an invaluable part of the Friends’ community. The Development Office coordinates regular Old Scholar reunions, which are detailed in the School Calendar.

We enjoy hearing news from our Old Scholars and invite them to get in touch if they would like to share stories or special moments that we might be able to pass on through our Alumni communications such as the Focus newspaper.

If you are an Old Scholar, a parent of an Old Scholar or a past staff member, please take the time to update your details so that we can advise you of coming functions and relevant news. Email or phone 6210 2200.

We also have an Old Scholars’ Facebook Page

Upcoming dates for your diary

1979 Leavers 40 Year Reunion
Saturday 14 September 2019

1989 Leavers 30 Year Reunion
Saturday 7 September 2019

1999 Leavers 20 Year Reunion
Saturday 7 September 2019

2009 Leavers 10 Year Reunion
Saturday 21 December 2019

2014 Leavers 5 Year Reunion
Friday 6 December 2019

2018 Leavers 1 Year Reunion
Thursday 5 December 2019


For any queries regarding these and other Old Scholar events or to update your contact details

please contact our Event Coordinator Katharine Dean on 03 6210 2282 or via email.

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