The Friends' School

Caring for our Environment

Environmental stewardship is an important part of The Friends’ School ethos, through which we encourage students to be sensitive to the needs of others and the environment, and to hold a global perspective.

The Environment Committee has introduced a number of initiatives in recent years. In February 2015, 70 rubbish bins at Clemes were replaced with 15 recycling waste stations. As a result of this change Clemes now produces the equivalent of three extra wheelie bins of recycling per fortnight, meaning an additional 900 litres is being recycled each fortnight instead of going to landfill.

Personal waste bins were also removed in staff offices and replaced with a paper recycling container and a small desktop receptacle. It is each staff member’s responsibility to empty their own waste at a centralised recycling station. By having a small waste receptacle only, staff are more aware of the waste they are generating.

After the success of the Waste Management System that was trialled at Clemes, the system has now been adopted by the entire Argyle Street campus, with the Commercial Road campus due to transition to this system through 2017 to 2018.

In 2016, the Committee developed an Environmental Management Plan (EMP). The EMP aims to make our school a community that models sustainable practices, to help our students become citizens with a well-developed sense of responsibility and care for the environment. All areas of the plan are supported by measurable actions.



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