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High School Information 01.12.2017

Schools Triathlon Challenge Information – Secondary Schools
EVENT DATE: Thursday 7 December
Students who have entered this event are to make their own way to Bellerive Beach and will need to register their arrival with a Friends’ staff member by 9.00am. The school tent will be the designated meeting point – this will be situated on the grassed area behind the main car park. Students will be dismissed from the event at approximately 2.15pm and will need to make their own transport arrangements home. If a student is riding a bike from the event then a note giving permission must be shown to a staff member.The final Event Timetables and course maps are on the STC website under the event “information tab” (use the arrow keys to scroll through the drop down boxes).

Getting to & from the STC this year – Clarence Council and the event organisers have advised the following:
All private vehicles:

  1. Approach down Queen Street or Scott Street.
  2. You will be detoured across Queen Street at the Scott Street intersection.
  3. After crossing Queen Street take the first left down Chapman Street, follow to the bottom.
  4. Turn left onto Victoria Esplanade (be aware of runners / part road closure in place here).
  5. Collect your child or find a park on the lefthand side of Queen Street to load bikes and move on as quickly as possible to help avoid congestion at the intersection.
  6. Parking in Queen Street is only for collection of bikes, no long-term parking will be available.

Year 7 Orientation Day
Monday, 4 December will see us welcoming 143 new Year 7 students to attend the first of two Orientation Days. For Monday, students will meet their key teachers for 2018, experience a couple of taster courses across a range of subjects and conclude the day with a short Gathering in the Meeting House. We wish these students, what we hope will be, the first of many enjoyable experiences in the High School.

Film Week
Next week from Tuesday to Friday inclusive, Year 7s will be involved in the Film Festival. They will work in newly formed groups of eight to nine students to plan, film, edit and share a three-minute film (or shorter) linked to one of the key Quaker Testimonies – Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Earth care. Groups will also need to incorporate the symbolic prop in their film in an interesting, clever and meaningful way. The symbolic prop for 2017 will be revealed on Tuesday morning. Students will take on one expert role, which could be a writer, actor, director, director of photography (camera operator) or sound or visual editor. A large number of Year 7 students are involved in rehearsals on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday for End of Year Gathering. We have ensured each film group has two of these students and they will possibly need to double up or shadow a role due to their rehearsal commitments.
Students are permitted to wear their full sports uniform for the four days. Each day begins and ends in Tutor, as normal, and students move to the Lecture Theatre at the start of Period 1, filling in from the front and getting ready to gain new skills and knowledge from the keynote presentations which start each day. Students have been asked to work cooperatively, creatively, collaboratively and with commitment. They have been emailed their groups and general information for the week. The festival culminates in Periods 5 and 6 on Friday afternoon with the 15 groups viewing the 15 films that have been produced.
If parents or students have any further queries or questions they are invited to contact Nicola Collins:

Japanese Speech Competition and an Exciting Exchange to Japan
In less than 10 days, Year 10 student, Maia Medhurst will depart for a two-month exchange to one of our Japanese Sister Schools, Kochi Nishi Senior High School on the island of Shikoku, Japan. Maia has loved all things ‘Japan’ for many years and has been studying the Japanese language during her time in the High School. In late October Maia was awarded First Place in the Extended Year 10 Division of the JATNET Japanese Speech Competition, further highlighting her growing skills in this area. We wish Maia safe travels and look forward to hearing of her exchange experiences upon her return to school next year. Outlined below are the results of the Speech Competition which took place earlier this term. Congratulations to all participants.

Competition Results
Year 7

Sarah Eaton                             1st

Eliza Cretan                             Honourable Mention


Year 8

Nina Ovens                             2nd

Illona Hansson                        Honourable Mention


Year 9

Ambrosia Negri                      Honourable Mention

Zoe Knight                              Honourable Mention



Maia Medhurst                        1st

Chae Yeon Kim                      2nd

Samantha Porter                      Honourable Mention


Service Retreat

On Friday 8 December 2017, The Friends’ School Service Co-ordinators are holding a Reflection and Planning Retreat at The Friends’ School Boatshed to prepare the Service program for 2018. Student Representatives from Morris, the High School and Clemes have been invited to attend this Retreat as their input is extremely valuable; indeed, it is crucial to the success of the Service, Cultural, Environmental and Wellbeing programs offered across all sections of the School. We look forward to sharing outcomes of this day with students and staff next year.

Year 10
Today our Year 10s have spent the day together enjoying each other’s company and celebrating the end of their time at our High School with the Community Celebration Day. We are grateful for the opportunity to enjoy a whole today together in the beautiful Tasmanian environment and thank our staff, Robert Pennicott and his team and our students for making the day so memorable and enjoyable.
On Monday and Tuesday students continuing to Clemes will participate in an Orientation program at the Clemes Campus. Students and their families have been emailed this information and if there are any queries, or a child is ill on the day, please contact the Clemes Office on 6210 2255.
Casey-Rae McCrickard has emailed students regarding their participation in the Optional Work Skills sessions run on Thursday and Friday of next week. Please contact Casey-Rae if you have any queries about this program.
We look forward to the Year 10 Twilight Assembly on Monday 11 December. This event is our formal farewell to our Year 10 students and we encourage all families to attend. Students need to arrive at The Farrall Centre at 5.15pm. The Assembly begins at 6pm and should finish at approximately 7.15pm.
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