The Friends' School

High School Information 24.11.2017

Next week is the final week for our Year 10s on our High School Campus.
The Heads of School have spoken to the cohort about our expectations for positive, respectful and inclusive behaviour during this time.
There are exciting activities planned for the week. A Staff vs Students Soccer game during lunchtime on Wednesday, on Thursday lunch time, fun water based House activities on the Bottom Green (students will need to bring a change of clothes to participate), and finally their Community Celebration Day on Friday 1 December. The Community Celebration Day on Friday 1 December involves a boat eco-tour to Bruny Island with lunch and is set to be a spectacular way to celebrate the end of their time at our High School. All information regarding the day has been emailed to parents and students.The following week Year 10s will have two days of an orientation at Clemes (December 4 & 5), following by Optional Work Skills programs offered for the final three days of that week.
Finally, a reminder that the Year 10 Twilight Assembly is on Monday 11 December commencing at 6pm, with student arriving earlier (5.15 for set up).

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