The Friends' School

Clemes Information 24.11.2017

Clemes Exams
Clemes students are to be commended on the manner in which they have undertaken their external exams. This was done with consideration for others and the students were particularly heartened by the generosity of spirit shown by the Year 5 Morris students who provided thoughtful messages, much needed water and treats.

Reminders for Clemes Students
Clemes students are reminded that Clearance Forms need to be handed to the Clemes Office in order for students to receive Echoes. These forms require signatures to verify the return of laptops, library books and locks. Laptops are to be taken to Room 213 and are expected to be returned by Friday 1 December. Lockers must be emptied by Wednesday next week to ensure there is adequate opportunity to do any required maintenance. Students will be allocated different lockers next year.

Final Gathering for Year 12 2017
Year 12 students and their parents are invited to join us to reflect and give thanks at 3:00 pm this Sunday in a Gathering at the Meeting House. This will be followed by afternoon tea at 4:00 pm.

Clemes students can collect their copy of Echoes from the Clemes Office once Clearance Forms are complete. They will be available from Wednesday 6 December.

Year 11 IB Reports
Year 11 IB students will have had final reports emailed home this week. If there are any concerns as a result of these, we encourage parents to contact either their child’s tutor or relevant subject teacher.

Year 12 students who have requested references will have these mailed to them by 15 December.

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