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Clemes Information 22.09.2017

Cupcakes – Wednesday 27 September
Cupcakes will be for sale at Clemes on Wednesday 27 September during recess and lunch to raise funds for Oxfam. This has been an ongoing activity throughout Term 3 and so far $450 has been raised.

Milk Caps
Plastic caps from two-litre blue and yellow milk containers are being collected to help wombats with mange. The caps are placed on flaps leading to wombat burrows and filled with a pesticide that kills the mites that cause mange, which is devastating the wombat population in Tasmania. Please leave any you wish to donate at the Clemes Office before the end of term.

Service Opportunity – Term 3 Holidays
Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) offers several environmental projects during the holidays. Students are taken to the project and are returned to the office at 4.00pm. To register either phone CVA on 6231 1779 or visit their website. Projects will take up to 10 volunteers but spaces fill quickly.

Leavers’ Dinner
Leaving students have been reminded, that whilst they do not have to attend afternoon classes on the day of the dinner (29 September), classes up until 1.00 pm are compulsory. Appointments should not be made during this time. Expectations of appropriate behaviour will be clearly communicated to students and a reminder that the event concludes at 10.30pm. Students are required to stay until this time and we ask parents to ensure their son/daughter has made suitable arrangements at the conclusion of the event.
The event photographer will be available from 6.15pm and would be happy to take family photographs.

Leavers’ Service
On Wednesday 18 October we have the Leavers’ Service. This is an evening function for leaving students and their parents. There will be readings, music and presentation of Old Scholars’ badges from the Old Scholars’ Association. The function will be followed by supper for parents and students. The evening commences at 7.30pm.

Leavers’ Assembly
On Monday 23 October we have the Leavers’ Assembly between 12 noon until 1pm.  At this assembly Leavers’ certificates, sports, music, drama, debating, service and other special awards are presented. In addition two of our Year 12 students have prepared a slide show of leaving students.

Year 12 students are reminded to apply for references. Information about this process has been emailed to, and discussed with students, however it is important to emphasise that references will not be written unless applications are completed by the student.

Progress Checks
Progress checks will be completed this week and emailed to parents in the final week of term. Whilst this does seem to be very close to the receipt of reports, it will have been six weeks since the Term 3 exams. This will allow teachers to indicate if some of the concerns identified in the reports have been addressed.

Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS)
If students have applied to one of the following universities: ANU, Aust Catholic Uni, Charles Sturt, Griffith, Macquarie, National Art School, SAE Creative Media Institute, Uni of Canberra, Uni of New England, Uni of Newcastle, Uni of Technology Sydney, Western Sydney Uni, they can also apply for the School Recommendations Scheme (SRS). SRS are used by institutions to make early offers of undergraduate admission using criteria other than (or in addition to) ATARs and there is no cost for applicants to submit an SRS application with UAC. Each of the universities will have slightly different criteria (details for each university is in the SRS booklet). Any queries please contact Lyn Tunbridge.

Chemistry Excursion to UTAS Discipline of Chemistry and Central Science Laboratory
TCE Chemistry classes will be visiting UTAS, Sandy Bay campus, to complement their current study of Organic Chemistry and Spectroscopy. Students will be viewing analytical techniques of infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and X-ray crystallography. All students are required to wear full school uniform for this excursion.
Each class will be attending during their long lesson on the following dates and times:
Chemistry A (Katrina Munting) – Monday 16 October,  11am – 1.30pm
Chemistry B (Katrina Munting) – Wednesday 25 October, 8.30am – 11am
Chemistry C (Brenda Winning) – Friday 20 November, 11am – 1.30pm
Parents/guardians must email Katrina or Brenda if their child wishes to arrange alternative travel arrangements to or from this excursion.

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