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Clemes Information 08.09.2017

Year 12 students are reminded to apply for references. Information about this process has been emailed to and discussed with students, however it is important to emphasise that references will not be written unless applications are completed by the student.

Progress Checks
Progress check will be completed over the next two weeks and emailed to parents in the final week of term. Whilst this does seem to be very close to the receipt of reports, it will have been six weeks since the Term 3 exams. This will allow teachers to indicate if some of the concerns identified in the reports have been addressed.

University Applications
Applications for university close by the 30 September for UTAS (for some mainland universities it is two or three days earlier than this). Any students uncertain about the process need to check information they have been emailed or are encouraged to make a time to see Lyn Tunbridge. Parents are also welcome to join their son or daughter for a chat with Lyn about applications.

Student Destination Surveys
Given applications for most courses in Australian universities for 2018 close on or around 30 September, leaving students have been asked to indicate on a destination survey whether or not they have completed an application. There will be follow up with students who have not done this in order to ensure they do not miss the deadline should they wish to apply for next year. The other purpose of the survey is to provide us with information about where our leaving students will be in 2018. This is information we are required to obtain and it is also really useful for future reference.

Leavers’ Dinner
Leaving students have been reminded that whilst they do not have to attend afternoon classes on the day of the dinner (29 September), classes up until 1.00pm are compulsory. Appointments should not be made during this time. Expectations of appropriate behaviour will be clearly communicated to students and a reminder that the event concludes at 10.30pm.

Clemes Council 2018 
All Year 11 Students have received an email outlining the upcoming Clemes Council nomination and election process and are encouraged to consider nominating for the 2018 Clemes Council. Students can speak to Amy Harris or Tony Barrett about the challenges and opportunities provided through participation in the Council. Nominations are due 3pm Friday 15 September (no late nominations will be accepted) with the election taking place the last week of Term 3. Information about the Clemes Council and instructions on how to apply can be found on the Clemes Council Googlesite.

Oxfam Speaker – Tim Sprod
Former teacher Tim Sprod will talk to the students in assembly on Thursday 14 September  about Oxfam and the organisations’ role in helping those affected by the famine in East Africa and Yemen. Student band Shiba Inu will play at the beginning of the assembly.
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