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Morris Information 25.08.2017

Winter Sports Program – Soccer training now at School until 9 September
A reminder that the Hockey and Netball seasons have now concluded. The Soccer season continues this term until the last match on Saturday 9 September. Training for soccer is now held at the School. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the coaches who have supported our Winter Sports Program this year.

Year 3 Outdoor Education – Mt Field – 30 August
On Wednesday 30 August as part of our Outdoor Education program, all Year 3 students will be visiting Mt Field National Park and walking to Russell Falls. We hope to make connections with our previous inquiry ‘Sharing the Planet’ by thinking about what is in this environment and why this is protected. Students will also focus on building a range of skills related to being part of a group in an outdoor environment. Students will need to wear warm, comfortable clothes (not jeans) and footwear suitable for bushwalking. They will need a beanie, a raincoat, a warm jumper, lunch, snacks and a drink. Please ensure all personal medication is packed for the day and that student medical information on CareMonkey is up-to-date. We will be leaving school at 9.15am and returning at about 3.00pm. Nicola, our Outdoor Education teacher, and four Gap students will be accompanying us.

Incursion – Australia Changing Over Time – Friday 1 September
Who: Year 3 to Year 6
Where: The Farrall Centre
Time: 2.10pm to 3.10pm
Australia Changing Over Time is a fun, live theatre experience that shows the effects of changing technology on our lives over time and the people and events that brought these changes about. With just over 100 items of clothing, toys, tools, utensils, and all manner of paraphernalia spanning more than 120 years this show is a mini mobile museum. Children are shown how with advances and changes all manner of things have become easier to do, less expensive and our expectations of daily life continue to rise.

Tournament of Minds State Final – 9 September
The Tournament of Minds State Final will be held on Saturday 9 September at Ogilvie High School, Hobart. Each year The Friends’ School enters two teams of students in the Tournament of Minds (TOM) creative problem solving competition. Involvement in TOM encourages students to work co-operatively with others, think on their feet, come up with creative solutions to problems and write, rehearse and perform a dramatic play to communicate their solution.

Year 2 to Year 4 – Growing Up Program  – 11 and 12 September
Growing Up – a relationships, sexuality and protective behaviours program, will be run by Family Planning Tasmania for Year 2 to Year 4 starting on Monday 11 September. A parent information session will be held at 8.30am on 11 September in the Morris Library.
For information about talking to your child about relationships, sexuality and puberty visit the website.

Student Led Conversations – 11 September to 22 September
In Weeks 8 and 9 of this term, Morris students from Kinder to Year 5 will guide families through a conversation about their learning. This is an opportunity for parents to celebrate their child’s progress and to enable the students to articulate their thinking and discuss what they have learnt from their inquiries. We encourage all parents to come. This is an important event in the calendar each year for Morris children. Two weeks prior, we will send an invitation to families to make an appointment for these Student Led Conversations.
In lieu of Student Led Conversations, Year 6 parents are invited to attend the Year 6 Exhibition Open Classrooms each Tuesday from 12.00pm – 1.00pm and each Thursday from 2.15pm to 3.15pm starting in Week 6, 29 August and running through until the end of Week 9, 22 September. All Morris families are also invited to share in the Year 6 Exhibition evening on Thursday 28 September, from 5.30pm – 7.00pm.

Year 1 Excursion to Knocklofty Reserve – 7 September
Year 1 will be visiting Knocklofty Reserve on Thursday 7 September to explore our personal qualities as a provocation for our inquiry into Who we are. Students will travel by bus departing school at 11.40am and returning by 2.30pm. Children will require a small snack in a named paper bag and a bottle of water. They will need to wear their school sports uniform and bring a coat and hat depending on the weather. The students will be accompanied by class teachers and Gap students and so we will not require parent help on this excursion.

Kindergarten Excursion – Exploring the Forest – 12 September
Kindergarten children will be visiting Waterworks Reserve on Tuesday 12 September. The bus will leave at 9.30am and return at approximately 2.30pm. We will be exploring the forest, identifying the relationship between the living and non-living things in a forest ecosystem. The experience has been designed by the team at Forest Education Foundation. Children will wear their uniform and need sturdy footwear, warm and waterproof jackets as well as a substantial lunch box! Families are welcome to join us for the day.

Important Dates
Term 3 Tuesday 25 July to Friday 29 September
Friday 1 September – Fathers’ Day Breakfast
Tuesday 26 – Thursday 28 September – Year 6 Exhibition
Term 4 Monday 16 October to Thursday 14 December
Monday 23 October – Athletics Carnival Years 3-6
Wednesday 25 October – Grandparents & Older Friends Day
Monday 30 October – Parents & Friends Association meeting
Thursday 26 – Friday 27 October – Show Day holidays
Thursday 23 – Friday 24 November – Year 4 Camp
Thursday 30 November – Friday 1 December – Year 6 Camp
Friday 1 December – K-2 Sports Day
Monday 4 December – Moving On Day
Wednesday 13 December – Year 6 Assembly

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