The Friends' School

Clemes Information 28.07.2017

TASC Disability Provisions
Applications to TASC for Special Disability Provisions have now closed.  It is no longer possible to apply for consideration for this year for any pre-existing conditions.
TASC will receive applications during Term 3 only for emergency provisions. This typically covers situations like accidents or sudden illnesses.  It does not include a provision for a condition which existed before 7 July 2017 which has deteriorated.
After 29 September 2017 (end of Term 3), no applications will be accepted in any circumstance, including emergency situations. In this instance, the Derived Ratings procedure will apply.
If you have any questions, please contact Adam Chambers.

Term 3 Exams
Term 3 exams for TCE students and Year 12 IBDP students start on Thursday 10 August.
All exams are held at Clemes. Morning exams start at 8.45am and afternoon exams at 1.15pm. Students need to assemble in the Mark Curtis Foyer at least 10 minutes prior to the exam starting time. Students are not required to wear uniform during the exam period. A copy of the timetable and an instruction sheet outlining examination rules has been emailed to students.
If your child is unwell on the day of an exam, it is important that notification of this is given to the Clemes Office. Exams can be rescheduled for later in the week.

Year 11 Subject Choices for 2018
Year 11 students are reminded to submit their subject selections for 2018 by Tuesday 8 August.

UTAS Open Day
Year 12 students have been emailed a copy of the program for the UTAS Open Day which is on this Sunday 30 July. It is a great opportunity for students to seek information and ask questions.

Tertiary Information Service
Year 12 students have been sent details about this event which is now being held at The Friends’ School, next Thursday 3 August. For Friends’ students they can select from one of two sessions, based on whatever is least disruptive to their timetable.
Each session will include a presentation on applying to mainland universities.
There will be students from all other secondary schools in Hobart attending as well.

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