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High School Information 07.07.2017

Aquatics Program at the High School
Starting the first week in Term 3 all Year 7 – 9 students will participate in our Aquatics/Swimming program which runs for six weeks. The holidays provide a great opportunity for students to get themselves properly equipped for this program. When students have a PE practical lesson in the first week of the term, they will be required to bring both their swimming gear as well as their PE uniform.
Students will need:

  • Bathers – speedos or bike short style bathers preferably (no board shorts)
  • Swimming cap – a compulsory item, required by FHF for hygiene reasons
  • Goggles – optional but highly recommended
  • Towel.

Year 10 students have self-selected into a Bronze Medallion training program so only those students in this program will need the equipment as mentioned above.

End of Semester
The Heads of High School team wishes all families and students a restful two weeks away from the official school program. For those travelling, please travel safely. High School End of Semester 1 Reports will be emailed through today. Should you have any queries about these please contact the relevant Head of House or Head of Faculty.
We thank the students for their efforts this semester and hope they return in Semester 2 ready to face new and exciting challenges ahead.

Overland Track
Over the holidays three groups of Year 10 students will embark on the Overland Track.  The hike will start at Cradle Mountain in the North and finish at Lake St Clair in the South. It will take seven days to complete.  The track is one of Tasmania’s premier walks and winds its way through ancient forests and glacier carved valleys.  Outdoor Leadership students in Year 12 will also help lead this walk as a part of their course curriculum.
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