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High School Information 19.05.2017

Big Science Competition – Years 7-10
On Wednesday 24 May, from 3pm – 3.50pm, 85 High School students have signed up to enter the Big Science Competition. Students have been emailed individually with the details. Please note that it will be held after school and that your child may need to plan alternate arrangements for going home or attending after-school activities. Please contact Kristi Ellingsen with any queries.

QSA Week
QSA week is coming!  In two weeks, The Friends’ School will be celebrating QSA week with a series of games and lunchtime events.
QSA stands for Quaker Service Australia, and is a service organisation that works hard to build a more peaceful, equitable, just and compassionate world. QSA has worked throughout the world in the areas of health, education and human rights but the current main focus is providing people with the skills to create small vegetable gardens to earn a decent livelihood. This happens in Cambodia, India, Indigenous Australia, Timor L’Este, Zimbabwe and Uganda.
The work that QSA does is important. They need support and increased awareness of their mission. Fundraising helps, so students are being asked to bring some money to donate during QSA Week if possible.
More importantly, QSA Week is about increasing the awareness of what QSA is and does, and how important their work is. The Friends’ School has a close connection with Quaker Service Australia and if students are looking to join a service organisation after they finish school to travel and see the world with, there is none better than QSA.
Each day during QSA week, one year group will compete in a fun activity for House points.  At the end of the week, the winning House will receive The QSA Trophy. The Year 9 mystery activity will run on Monday, so Year 9 students are asked to form a team of eight people from each House in order to participate. The more teams that enter, the more chance the House has to win some points. Sign up sheets will be available in the High School Office, students are encouraged to sign up and may forward questions to Karina Churchill.

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