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Music Information 07.04.2017

Chamber Music Concert
The Friends’ School Chamber Music Concert will be held at 6pm on 11 April in The Farrall Centre.
This is an opportunity for a number of our smaller ensembles to showcase their work with some special items from the Year 7-8 Choir. Groups presenting are from Morris, High School and Clemes. All members of the school community are welcome to attend. The concert will be just over an hour long.
For more information please contact Christine Akerman. The list of participating students may be found here.

Chamber Music Recordings
We have organised for three of our chamber music ensembles to be recorded by ABC Classic FM this Saturday (8 April) between 2pm and 5pm in The Farrall Centre. The recording forms part of an ongoing collaboration between ABC Classic FM and the School.
The recordings will involve a number of music students, as listed in this document. Several Music Technology students will also participate, assisting with the recordings under the guidance of ABC staff.
For more information, please contact Paul Radford or Christine Akerman.

Mona Chepmell Awards for Instrumental and Vocal Tuition
We are once again calling for applications for the Mona Chepmell Awards for Instrumental and Vocal Tuition. Information about the awards and how to apply may be found here. Applications close Monday 8 May.

Instrumental Tuition and Ensemble Membership
All students receiving instrumental and / or vocal tuition need to be in an ensemble or enrolled in elective Music Years 8 to 12. Where this is not the case we will be contacting families in the coming weeks asking students to join an ensemble. Where this does not occur after 18 May lessons may be discontinued.

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