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Morris Information 10.03.2017

Supervision at Morris Before School
Children are supervised in the Morris barkchip area, outside the library from 8.30am.  Please support your child by supervising them before this time to ensure their safety. Before and After School Care is available if required.

Year 5 / 6 Learn to Swim – 10-17 March
The Year 5 / 6 Learn to Swim program will be held at Friends Health & Fitness pool from Friday 10 March – Friday 17 March. Any enquiries please contact Lisa Di Venuto on 6210 2228.

Year 2 Outdoor Education 15 March
On Wednesday 15 March, Year 2 students will be visiting the Waterworks Reserve as a part of their Outdoor Education program. As well as the focus on safety and being prepared for a bush environment, students will be extending their knowledge of maps and the features of maps which is part of their current learning. The experience will include the Gentle Annie Falls Circuit, a 1.5km loop, which begins with a short climb to the base of Gentle Annie Falls (now dry) and back through open bushland. The bus will leave school at 9.30am and return at 2.45pm. This will be a full day experience and students will be required to bring their lunch and a suitable amount of water. The school sports uniform will be worn including a jumper or jacket. Students are advised to pack an additional raincoat in their bag for protection. Teaching and Outdoor Education staff as well as Gap students will accompany the students.

Year 4 Outdoor Education excursion to Mt Wellington – 16 March
Year 4 will be having their first Outdoor Education experience for 2017 on Thursday 16 March. On this day we will follow the path of a raindrop from the top of Mt Wellington, along the North West Bay River to the estuary at Dru Point. Students will have the opportunity to walk along the North West Bay River as a part of this excursion. This will be a full day experience and students will be required to bring their lunch and a suitable amount of water. The school sports uniform will be worn including a jumper or jacket. Students are advised to pack an additional raincoat in their bag for protection. Teachers and Gap students will be accompanying the classes.

Ride to School day – 17 March
Morris students are encouraged to participate in Ride to School day with the support and supervision of their families. Staff will be at the school entrance in Argyle Street to guide students to a safe place to keep their bike for the day. Morris students who choose to ride will be given a certificate to join a barbecue at first break that Clemes students are organising. Sausages and burgers will be served. Morris students are advised to bring additional snacks and drinks.

Year 2 Excursion to TMAG – 17 March
As part of our inquiry into How we express ourselves, Year 2 will be visiting the Tasmanian Museum and Gallery (TMAG) on Friday 17 March from 12.00pm – 2.00pm. We will be visiting ningina tunapri, the permanent Indigenous exhibit, as well as kanalritja: An Unbroken String, the exhibition about Tasmanian shell necklaces. We would like to invite you to join us for this excursion. You are welcome to catch the bus with us from school at 11.40am, returning about 2.30pm, or meet us at TMAG at 12.00pm. To ensure we have sufficient adults to help supervise students, please let us know if you are interested in coming. If you have any questions, or particular expertise you can share please don’t hesitate to contact us.

T20 Cricket Blast – Southern Final – 20 March
Selected students in Year 5 and Year 6 will travel to Soldiers Memorial Oval (Domain) to compete in the Southern Final of the T20 Cricket Blast on Monday 20 March. An email was sent during the week to selected students in Year 5 and Year 6. We will leave school at 10.00am and return by 2.45pm. Children are to wear their sports uniform and hat and bring a packed lunch and drink. Any enquires please contact Lisa Di Venuto on 6210 2228.

Year 3 Excursion, Blackmans Bay Beach – 22 March
On Wednesday 22 March Year 3 will be going on an outdoor education excursion to Blackmans Bay Beach to observe and interact with the coastal environment and foster cooperative skills and teamwork amongst the year group. This trip will take place during normal school hours. Please ensure that children have a packed lunch, refreshments and suitable footwear and clothing, including an appropriate raincoat. Sunscreen and hats are required.

JSSATIS Swimming Carnival – 23 March
The JSSATIS Swimming Carnival will be held on Thursday 23 March at Hobart Aquatic Centre. Selected students from Year 3 – 6 were sent an email during the week. Any enquires please contact Lisa Di Venuto on 6210 2228.

Year 5 Camp – Spring Beach Youth Camp – 27-29 March 2016
A camp has been organised for all Year 5 students at Spring Beach Youth Camp in Orford. Students will travel from school on Monday 27 March and return to school by the end of the school day on Wednesday 29 March. The purpose of this camp is for students to build community within their class groups and across the year level and to be involved in a range of activities designed to link with the inquiry into wellbeing. Students will be accompanied by class teachers, specialist teachers, Outdoor Education staff and GAP students. As this excursions is outside school hours and the greater Hobart area a permission request has been emailed to parents via CareMonkey.

Harmony Day
Morris will be celebrating Harmony Day on Tuesday 21 March. This gathering will take the place of the Morris Assembly. Parents are welcome to join us gathered around the Plane Tree outside the Music room at 9.00am. We encourage everyone to wear a simple touch of orange.
As part of the celebration we intend to construct a map showing all the nations our families represent. We will create this map on Thursday 16 March outside the library at lunch. To support us in this could talk to your child about the countries of origin of your family. This will support them in placing their name on our world map next Thursday.

Parent Teacher Discussions – 27 March – 7 April
Parent Teacher Discussions will be held in Weeks 8 and 9 at Morris. You will receive an email next week inviting you to book a time with your child’s teacher. You will also receive a letter, sent via email by Friday 25 March, outlining your child’s progress to date, which will support your discussion with the class teacher.

Working with Vulnerable People (children) Registration
The Tasmanian State Government has introduced mandatory Working with Vulnerable People (children) Registration for everyone over the age of 16 who wishes to work or volunteer with children on more than seven occasions in a calendar year.  If you would like to apply please see this link for more details and provide the School with your registration number once you have it.

Nut Allergy Safe Practices
Due to the frequency and severity of nut allergies amongst children, Morris seeks to be a nut free zone. As such, we ask parents to avoid packing any nut-based product in their child’s lunch box. Food items, which state they ‘may contain elements of nut’, are acceptable. We believe that the health and wellbeing of all the children who attend our School is of paramount importance.

Important Dates
Term 1 Monday 6 February to Thursday 13 April
Monday 13 March – Eight Hour Day holiday
Saturday 25 March – School Fair
Monday 27 – Wednesday 29 March – Year 5 Camp

Term 2 Monday 1 May to Friday 7 July
Monday 8 – Friday 12 May – Year 6 Canberra Trip
Wednesday 17 May – Cross Country Carnival
Tuesday 23 May Parents & Friends’ Association meeting
Monday 12 June – Queen’s Birthday holiday

Term 3 Tuesday 25 July to Friday 29 September
Monday 14 August Parents & Friends’ Association meeting
Tuesday 22 August – Book Week Assembly
Tuesday 26 – Thursday 28 September – Year 6 Exhibition

Term 4 Monday 16 October to Thursday 14 December
Monday 23 October – Athletics Carnival Years 3-6
Wednesday 25 October – Grandparents & Older Friends Day
Monday 30 October Parents & Friends’ Association meeting
Thursday 26 – Friday 27 October – Show Day holidays
Thursday 23 – Friday 24 November – Year 4 Camp
Thursday 30 November – Friday 1 December – Year 6 Camp
Friday 1 December – K-2 Sports Day
Monday 4 December – Moving On Day
Wednesday 13 December – Year 6 Assembly

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