The Friends' School

High School 10.03.2017

Sense of Future Day – Year 10
Tuesday 14 March 8.25am at the The Farrall Centre
Next Tuesday 14 March all Year 10 students will be taking part in A Sense of Future Day. Students will participate in a variety of sessions providing experiences and information that we hope will support their decision making in the coming months and years.
Students will start the day at 8.25am at The Farrall Centre. The day will begin with Geraldine Ellis-Maguire exploring with them what the future may look like and the skills and attributes they may need. Then all students will participate in The Morrisby Psychometric Testing from which they will receive a personal and detailed profile. The Morrisby Profile is designed to help students understand themselves better, to gain focus and direction, to improve their study techniques and to gain better academic ratings. It helps students as they are making important decisions about their future education, pathways and/or careers. It can also help to confirm ideas about future careers students may already have or suggest new ones.
The second session will be in The Farrall Centre where guest speakers, Nelson File, Hannah Vasicek and Anne Cameron will share their stories and the message We Are Our Choices and show how they have let their lives speak.
In the afternoon students will return to the High School and be given practical advice, information and skills to assist them in seeking and obtaining a placement for the Work Experience week at the end of Semester 1.

Year 7 Connections – Beach Day
Year 7 students will soon be participating in the annual outdoor education Beach Day.  The day consists of introducing students to the beach environment, learning about surf safety and rescue, and learning to work together in small teams. The afternoon will be spent exploring Browns Rivulet where they will learn basic river kayaking techniques.

Term 2 Sports Sign Up
The following sports are on offer for Term 2. All Years 7-12 students have been emailed the web link to sign up electronically. Students are asked to sign up by Wednesday 15 March so that further information can be sent out. We ask that students and parents Accept/Decline the commitment form sent on CareMonkey once received so that teams can be entered.

Sport Coordinators / Contact 1st game start date
AFL Boys Year 7/8 John White Wednesday 10 May
AFL Boys Year 9/10 John White Tuesday 9 May
AFL Boys 1sts Mark Allen Saturday 6 May
AFL Girls 1sts Steve Barratt Wednesday 7 June
Badminton – Clemes Brenda Winning, Sandy Von Allmen Wednesday 10 May (TBC)
Badminton 7-10 Peter Appleton

Virginia Collins

Friday 12 May (TBC)
Basketball 9/10 Boys John & Esther Hoggart Wednesday 10 May
Hockey Girls 9/10 Louis Speer Thursday 11 May
Hockey Girls 1sts Katharine Podmore Tuesday 9 May
Hockey Boys 9/10 Lisa Murphy

Karina Potter


Wednesday 10 May

Hockey Boys 1sts Ian Nielson Friday 12 May
Netball Girls 1sts & 2nds Julia Waterworth Monday 22 May
Netball Girls 7-10 Trish Menadue

Michelle Henshaw

7/8 Monday 22 May

9/10 Tuesday 23 May

Soccer Boys 1sts Greg Downes Thursday 1 June
Water Polo HS / Clemes Kristi Ellingsen, Joni Chuter Joe Cairns Friday 5 or 12 May 5 (TBC)

The viability of teams is dependent on the number of students committing and the availability of managers/coaches. If anyone is able to help out with coaching or managing we ask they make their availability known to the Sports Coordinators or email John White – your support and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Relay for Life
On 25 and 26 of March the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life will run at the Domain Athletics Centre. This is a fun, community event for everyone to enjoy. Our school is entering a team called The Friendlies and we have a goal of fundraising $2000, where every dollar raised counts towards helping to find a cure for cancer. We would like as many students to enter as possible. There are no minimum or maximum amount of laps to do – just come for as long as you would like and have a good time while also raising money and awareness for cancer.
On 15 March, which will be a casual dress day, there will be a bake sale in the High School during lunchtime. We invite all Relay for Life supporters to bake some cup cakes for sale at our stall. All proceeds will support Cancer Council initiatives. Students will need to collect a cupcake ingredient form from Helen Han before 15 March.

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