Building Fund

We wish to continue to improve our buildings and grounds. This year we have had an emphasis on improving our use of energy which has the windows replaced in North Block on the Commercial Road Campus as an example. The new windows are a huge improvement in terms of their ability to either retain or reflect heat/cold. This program will continue indefinitely and with your help we can significantly reduce the size of our carbon footprint.  

The most recent example of where the wider Friends’ School community was able to help us is Farrall Centre on the Argyle Street Campus.

The Assembly Hall (The Farrall Centre) is an environment that unites students under one roof, allowing them to continue to move forward with integrity, compassion and personal achievement. No price can be placed on this. For many years, The Friends’ School needed a vibrant meeting place where the Morris - Friends' Primary Years, the High School and Clemes students could gather together; a place that is a hub of cultural, spiritual, creative and academic celebration. We now have one.

Your gift, no matter how big or small, will make a difference towards enriching the educational offering of The Friends’ School. The hall is an example of considered, sustainable design using low-maintenance, robust materials with reduced life-cycle costs, and the use of natural airflow and daylight results in efficient, low-impact heating and cooling.

The Building Program offers a tax deductible opportunity to contribute to being more environmentally friendly, to the building of new facilities such as The Farrall Centre and improvements to our camp, Far South at Dover.

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